nhf Kira/Arden hate from Alison/Scallison/Crystal fans.

dislike Scira all you want, but leave Arden out of it. I will come for you. I’ve seen some comments bordering on racism. smh. Not Arden’s fault, Crystal wanted out.

Also I can’t wait for Perfect Princess Stephanie Johnson, aka Shelly Henning aka Malia next season. If Malia is ruined for Stydia, I will scream. Nhf the third time Shelly getting screwed out of a romance for another female character. Although I don’t dislike Lydia. Just don’t turn her into Cassie, or godforbid Melanie Layton-Jonas-Kiriakis-whatever her last name turned out to be.





Wow, I cannot believe how obvious it is that Hope is going to get pregnant.

Lmao. I love you and our B&B connection. They really are dropping the ball.

Hahaa me too, it’s nice to have someone to talk to about it. And yeah, I’m…

I wish that during a board meeting Thorston’s Ridge would just randomly yell “You’re not going to get away with this Rick!!”