nhf Kira/Arden hate from Alison/Scallison/Crystal fans.

dislike Scira all you want, but leave Arden out of it. I will come for you. I’ve seen some comments bordering on racism. smh. Not Arden’s fault, Crystal wanted out.

Also I can’t wait for Perfect Princess Stephanie Johnson, aka Shelly Henning aka Malia next season. If Malia is ruined for Stydia, I will scream. Nhf the third time Shelly getting screwed out of a romance for another female character. Although I don’t dislike Lydia. Just don’t turn her into Cassie, or godforbid Melanie Layton-Jonas-Kiriakis-whatever her last name turned out to be.





Wow, I cannot believe how obvious it is that Hope is going to get pregnant.

Lmao. I love you and our B&B connection. They really are dropping the ball.

Hahaa me too, it’s nice to have someone to talk to about it. And yeah, I’m…

I wish that during a board meeting Thorston’s Ridge would just randomly yell “You’re not going to get away with this Rick!!”



Looking at Stefan’s reaction towards Katherine knowing of her impending death vs Damon’s is very telling

Because if you think about it, when it comes to Katherine, Stefan had it way worse than Damon. He was compelled and she fed him his blood without his consent while Damon was fully aware of what and who she was the entire time, wanted to become a vampire and WILLINGLY continued pining over her for centuries.

Yet STEFAN is the one who found it in his heart to make sure she died peacefully